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5 Reasons Why You Have Dark Underarms and How to Avoid It
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  • Have you ever stopped yourself from wearing a sleeveless shirt because you have dark underarms? It's difficult to wear the things you like when you're conscious about certain parts of your body. So let's see what could be causing your dark underarms. Below, we rounded up the most common causes and how you can treat it.

    1. Shaving
    What happens: Shaving only cuts off the hair on the surface of the skin. Thus, the hair follicles remain just below it. Additionally, frequent shaving can cause skin irritation due to abrasions which eventually leads to skin darkening.

    How to avoid it: Put down the razor and look into other forms of hair removal. Try waxing or laser hair removal for a more permanent solution.

    2. Tight clothes
    What happens: If you always wear tight clothing around the armpit area, chances are you're causing friction without even noticing it. This leads to discoloration and skin darkening. 


    How to avoid it: Opt to wear loose clothing, especially if you just had your armpits waxed. 

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    3. Deodorants
    What happens: While deodorants and antiperspirants help in eliminating body odor, you risk exposing your skin to harsh chemicals that discolor and irritate it. 

    How to avoid it: Opt for natural remedies to fight body odor like baking soda, or switch your current deo to a mild one instead.

    4. Hyperpigmentation
    What happens: This is quite common for people who produce excess melanin pigments, but this is hardly aggravated unless you expose your underarms to the sun frequently.

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    How to avoid it: Talk to your dermatologist for the best treatment for your skin type. Do not attempt to bleach or laser it off on your own without consulting a doctor!

    5. Dead skin cells
    What happens: Accumulation of dead skin cells can visibly make your underarms look darker. Dead skin cells trapped in your underarm pores and skin creases can contribute to dark underarms.


    How to avoid it: Gently exfoliate your underarm with mild soap twice a week. Be careful not to overexfoliate because it can irritate and break your skin.

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