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  • 7 Party Tips and Ideas We Learned From Your #SPCelebrations Photos

    Thank you for sharing your parties with us! Keep tagging us or use the hashtag #SPCelebrations for your kiddie party photos this whole month of August.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .

  • When we went through all the kiddie party photos where you tagged us, we noticed that there were a lot of ideas and tips that could benefit other party planning moms and dads . So, we compiled all of them and came up with this list--so far. 

    The whole of August is our Kiddie Party Month. So keep on tagging, and use the hashtag #SPCelebrations on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to see more of your photos.

    1. Make a memorabilia corner.


    Mom Belle made a memorabilia corner for her son Gabrielle Mikael's first birthday party. It showcased all of his firsts, like his first toy, his first shoes and his first blanket. She also put up a few of her most treasured family photos for everyone to see. Simple and easy, but oh-so precious!

    2. Monthly milestone celebrations

    Yes, baby’s monthly milestones merit a celebration (show us a parent who hasn't done this even once!). It doesn’t have to be all-out--a simple handaan is enough to mark the occasion. Mom Joy, for example, made spaghetti when her daughter JD turned 4 months old.

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    And, there was a cake for little Maria (she couldn’t resist getting her hands on it before anyone else!) when she turned 6 months old.

    3. Setting up a dessert table doesn’t have to be complicated. 

    Here’s a simple but fabulous idea for any celebration: an ice cream corner. All you need are tubs of ice cream, lots of cones and cups, and toppings. The trick to making your ice cream corner fun is to have as many toppings as you can; the more, the merrier. Here are a few ideas: sprinkles, mini marshmallows, chocolate rice crispies, fun cereal, chocolate chips, chocolate bars, fruit slices, nuts, etc. Have colorful napkins nearby, too, for an added dash of color to your setup. 

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    4. Dress for the occasion.


    It’s not just the birthday celebrator that can have fun in a costume. Coordinate the family’s whole wardrobe for the special day based on the party’s theme. You can all wear the same color palette or take things a notch higher, and wear costumes. You’re guaranteed to look great in photos!

    5. Use what you already have at home.

    When thinking of a theme for the party, look around your home for possible inspiration and decorations. This 50s diner themed party made use of pieces from a personal Coke collection, with Coke glass bottles even used as flower vases. Maybe you already have a ton of toy cars (a race car themed party!) or Lego bricks (a Lego party!) lying around the house.


    Mom JM thought her son’s 1.8kg milk cartons were too nice to throw away, so she kept them. Come her son’s first birthday, she used them to make photo stands! 

    6.  Simple themes can be made grand.

    Just look at this pretty dessert table spread for a cookies and milk themed baptism celebration. All it took was a dominantly white color palette with touches of mint green and cookie-dough brown. Of course, there were tons of assorted cookies and a jug of milk at the ready, too.


    Here’s a Mexican themed birthday party for little Dani. The colorful Mexican culture turned her party into a super festive celebration complete with sombreros and DIY-ed cactuses. 

    7. Make your party giveaway count.

    Let your guests take home a piece of your child’s special day with a unique and memorable giveaway. Mom Irish opted for trendy ready-to-eat cake jars for her son’s christening. Other trendy party favors include: plantable seeds or small potted plants, scented candles and pretty cupcakes and cookies. 

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