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  • McDonald's Mother's Day Video Will Tug at the Heartstrings of Every Single Mom

    There’s very little dialogue, but the message is clear.
McDonald's Mother's Day Video Will Tug at the Heartstrings of Every Single Mom
PHOTO BY screenshot from McDonalds Philippines
  • May is one of our favorite months because, yes, it's Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday, May 12. And the occasion sends big consumer brands to enter their entry for "Which video commercial will make moms cry the most?" competition. And as if on cue, McDonald’s Philippines released a short but touching ad, that made us go "awww" at how it gave tribute to moms raising their children solo.

    The scene opens in a busy McDonald’s branch with families enjoying their meals before focusing on a mom-and-daughter pair seated in a corner. The mom pours her order of fries onto the tray while her daughter grabs the container to put on the table — they have done this before. The little girl then grabs one of the fries and turns to her mom, saying “Ma, ang tangkad, o. Parang ikaw!” before setting it down on the container.

    The mom, whom we now see is wearing scrubs under her jacket, smiles and chooses a smaller fry to match her daughter’s. “Ikaw naman 'to,” she says.

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    The mom didn't have to say anything to make you feel the pain she was feeling at that moment.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from Mcdonald's/Facebook

    The girl sets it down beside the “taller” piece and stares at it intently. “Parang may kulang.”

    Immediately, we see a surge of panic in the mom’s eyes. She looks almost fearful as she wonders what her daughter could be thinking or what she's about to say next. Mom's eyes start to tear up — and we're getting goosebumps. There are no words, no explanations, but somehow you know this is a single mom whose worst fear is she’s not enough for her daughter.

    Then, her daughter exclaims, “Yan, complete na!”

    We see the mother can’t believe her eyes, and slowly the camera pans down to the child’s creation. She was building a house with the fries and what was missing was the roof. It was as if she was saying that she and her mom are enough to build a home. Their family is complete.

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    We're not crying. You're crying.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from McDonald's/Facebook
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    The video ends with the child smiling at her mom, and her mom gratefully smiles back before giving her daughter a kiss and a hug. The emotions are all too real that we’re sure you’ll be holding back a couple of tears by the end of the video.

    Even without dialogue, the message is clear: A complete family doesn’t mean it has to be made up of mom, dad, and the kids. Instead, a family is defined by love and togetherness, and a family of two is enough.

    To all moms, you are more than enough in your child’s eyes.

    Watch the "Love Kita, Ma" video in full below:

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