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  • Haircut, Ear Piercing, Etc : When is the Best Time?

    Wondering when is the perfect moment to introduce a sippy cup, get a pet, or have your tot's ears pierced? Our experts give you the guidelines.
    by Ruth Manimtim-Floresca .

  • 3…get the first haircut?
    “Generally, there is no ‘right’ time or age for children to get their first haircut,” says Dr. Ty-Sy. “Just check if the hair gets in your child’s eyes or is bothering him on the back of the neck.”

    She gives a few tips on helping make the experience a happy one for your child. “Make sure you have visited the salon. Is the place clean and child-friendly? Are the staff members practicing good personal hygiene?” Prior to the salon trip, feed baby and ensure that he has had adequate sleep first. Bring some toys or books to keep him preoccupied and don’t forget to bring an extra shirt for him to change into later.

    4…let a toddler sleep independently?
    By age one, a baby can already be transferred from the crib to a cot. However, relocation from the parents’ bedroom to a child’s own bedroom is a different matter and will depend on a child’s readiness to do so. Some adapt to the change within days while others may take several weeks or months to finally sleep by themselves. To entice children to move into their own bedroom, involve them in choosing the decorations especially the bedding designs and colors.

    Dr. Ty-Sy affirms that the initial transition may be difficult so parents need to be firm and consistent. “I encourage moms to have a bedtime routine such as reading storybooks or simply talking about how their children’s day went.” For bigger kids, you can ask about the highlights or problems they encountered during the day. “More importantly, I feel that the best way to end the day is by praying together,” she advocates. “It is a good practice to teach kids to trust that God will take care of them while they sleep. This can also help them dispel common childhood fears such monsters, and the like.”

    5…for a child to be independent of a yaya?
    Dr. Ty-Sy believes that parenting is a God-given privilege. As such, “The role we play as parents is vital to our child’s identity. Yaya is just there to assist; her role is to help you when your hands are full. She could help you change the diaper, bathe the baby, watch over him, or prepare the food, but moms should always be there especially during the first year of life.”

    At around a year or a year-and-a-half, when a child learns how to walk, talk, and understand simple instructions, he should already be trained to be independent. “This means the nanny should not do everything for her charge and instead help teach him how to eat, put away his toys, and potty train,” she enumerates. “This is a slow process and may be difficult at first but is truly rewarding in the end.”

    Dr. Ty-Sy reminds parents that babies don’t remain babies forever so care should be tailored to each phase of their lives. “Yayas should be there to supervise and prevent accidents but, at the same time, give the kids a little ‘space’ to be independent and allow them to develop new skills they need to grow and mature into a young boy or girl in the future.”

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