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Bonding with Mommy D
FEB 18, 2021 5:00 PM
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  • Five women go back in time to tell us the story of the day their husbands went down on one knee to ask if they would spend the rest of their lives with them. Oops, scratch that. There was no kneeling down, at least, not in the traditional sense. All, however, are kilig moments. 



    Cara Del Rosario and Mig Dizon have been married for two years. They are expecting a baby girl this year.

    My husband is a race car driver. We would go to Clark Speedway every time there’s a race event. One day, he told me he had a racing clinic and that we should just meet in Clark since I was coming from Subic, where I lived and worked.

    When I got there, he asked if I wanted to ride his race car around the track. It sounded interesting, so I said yes. He tried to go fast, but I couldn't take the rush. When we got to the finish line, he stopped the car, and he started getting something from the back of the passenger seat. I thought he was fixing his Go Pro since he always has it on in all his races. 

    Since I figured we were doing one more round, I asked, "Can we go slower in the next round?" Then, suddenly, the song "The Last Time I'll Fall In Love" by Eric Benet started playing, and my heart dropped. I never told anyone this:

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    I had always wanted my future husband to sing me this song. 

    I was so stunned by what was happening that I don't remember what he was saying. Then he got to the part where he said, “I've been waiting for 30 years to do this. To race and then to be with the one I love. Look there!" 

    Outside my window, two of his guy friends were holding out a purple banner with “Cara, will you marry me?" I was really in shock, so I kept asking, "Are you serious? Are you serious?"  

    "Yes, I’m serious!" he said. So I said “Yes!” then he put the ring on my finger. We just celebrated eight years in our relationship that year. 

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    Joyce Cuapiaco and Charlie Samartino have been married for 10 years. They have three kids and a fourth one is on the way. 

    Vicks Vaporub is a staple in my bag. If I have colds and when I get dizzy commuting, I apply it on my temple. Whenever my boyfriend had a cough or a cold, I would spread Vicks on his back to make him feel better. It was “our thing.” 

    One day, he called to ask me to meet him at Robinsons Place in Manila. He was having a bad day, he said. His boss got mad at him, and his car broke down. 

    When we met up, he just said, “Uwi na tayo.” When we got inside his car, I said, “O, lagyan kita ng Vicks.” 

    But he suddenly had to get out of the car. “Wait, nasusuka ako. Sorry." 

    Finally, he went back in, so, again, I said, “Talikod ka na. I will put Vicks.” 

    When he pulled his shirt up, written across his back was: WILL YOU MARRY ME? Then he gave me the ring, and I cried. 

    He told me later that he got out of the car because he couldn’t get the ring from inside his pocket! I also asked him, “Paano kung wala akong Vicks na dala?” 

    He replied, “Sure naman ako na lagi kang merong Vicks sa bag mo.”

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    Frances Amper and Vince Sales have been married for 10 years. They have three boys.

    I got him a Playstation 3, and as he was happily connecting the cables to his laptop, I knelt before him with the controller in my hands. I addressed him by his full name and said, "I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?"

    He got all red in the face as he grabbed my hands (or maybe the controller?) and replied, "Heart lang? Of course, I'll marry you!"

    He didn't want me to tell anyone until I had the ring, but I told people anyway! No one seemed to believe we were engaged at all. They kept asking, "Eh, where's the ring?" A few days before Christmas, even his dad asked me at the dinner table, "So where's the ring?" Everyone at the table gasped in horror. 

    The day after that family dinner, early in the morning,  I opened the door, and there was a red tablecloth spread in the living room, with wine glasses and real china, red wine and fluffy pastries. I was surprised, but I still didn't get it! I sat with him and asked for iced tea (who drinks wine in the morning?) and chatted away. Then, as I was looking at the gifts under the Christmas tree, he took out a little blue velvet box…and...then…I…finally…understood! 

    He knelt before me, opened the box, and there nestled within was the most sparkly diamond ring I've ever laid eyes on! At this point, everything was a blur!

    He told me later what happened after he said my full name and asked me to marry him. I did say yes, he said, and we hugged. Then he asked, "Why aren't you crying? You always cry when I give you gifts." I allegedly replied. 

    "Because you told me before you don't like drama." And he retorted, "Well, this is one of those times you're supposed to do drama!"

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    Denise Aquino and Mias Posadas have been married for two years.

    My proposal happened when I least expected it. It was one of those days when I thought we were watching a movie -- I had no makeup, no hair extensions (it's my business!). I was at my grumpiest, too, because (1) I didn't like the movie; (2) I was so hungry, but he told me to get food after the movie; (3) The movie was three hours long; (4) I was about to get my period. 


    I was so ready to tinker with my phone during the film showing, but suddenly there was this voice over with a Filipino-English accent. I looked up and, lo and behold, there was my boyfriend up on the screen. And I just knew "it" was happening. 

    I looked around, and it seemed like I didn't know anybody else in the movie house. I was looking for my dad because I was worried my boyfriend didn’t ask for his permission. After the "proposal movie," everyone stood up. My whole family was there, crying with me. It was just an awesome experience to share something so special with everyone I cared and loved. 

    My husband gave the sweetest message when he asked for my hand. The camera, however, didn't catch my "yes" answer; instead what everybody heard was, "Did my dad say yes?" 

    Everyone busted out laughing. It was too funny it even came out on the news!

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    Leah Miranda will soon marry Paolo Evalle

    We were in Balesin to attend a wedding. He took me to the beach for a walk. Suddenly we were in the middle of this heart-to-heart talk about how he needed space and how he thought we didn’t have a future together. I couldn’t help but cry! I kept wondering, “Why would he break up with me while on vacation in such a beautiful place? He was so sweet to me the week before this!”


    Then he knelt down on both knees, showed me the ring,  and told me, “Gusto kitang maging ex para maging asawa kita.”

    I thought to myself, “Kailangan mo talaga akong paiyakin muna for this?” 

    But tears of joy started pouring out. I said yes. I hugged him as he got up from his knees, and we kissed. 

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