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  • 8 Funny & Sweet Things Pinoy Hubbies Told their Preggy Wives

    Preggos from our Facebook and Instagram community share their partners' idea of romance.
8 Funny & Sweet Things Pinoy Hubbies Told their Preggy Wives
  • Pregnancy, while a blessing, is a significant change for a woman, especially to her body. If you thought you're less pretty because of the many changes in your body, you're not alone. However, many people will also tell you that you're wrong. Ever heard of the pregnancy glow? You have it. Being pregnant can also be sexy. That's a fact. 

    Having anxious thoughts about how you look while pregnant is normal. One of the easiest ways to bring your confidence back up is having a supportive partner. Just a quick affirmation that you are still the most beautiful girl in his eyes even if you're sporting a huge baby belly can sometimes be enough (really).

    On that note, we asked you, dear moms, what's the funny but sweet things your husband said to you when you were expecting. Here are some of the best submissions we received! (See the rest of the submissions on our Facebook and Instagram. Got your own? Send it to us by messaging us on Facebook!)


    Genius, daddy! This trick might work for other couples, too! (See stunning photos of childbirth here.)

    We compeltely agree. And a pregnant lady is strong, too! (See proof of the strenght of a preggo here.)

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    Spot on "cariño brutal!" (These other daddy boo-boos are simply LOL moments!)

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    No other woman and especially not her! (Dress the part with maternity style tips from celebrity moms!

    This is one instance where you can appreciate his beer belly. (You have to see this maternity photo shoot!)

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    Or do anything that involves bending over. Fine, hubby's just trying to lighten up the mood. 


    Don't worry, your nose will get back to normal! (Read about the preggy body changes here.)

    Go for it, as long as your doctor says it's okay. (Read about pregnant sex here.)

    Remember, preggy ladies, you are beautiful and sexy. All the body changes are temporary.  You are nurturing a life inside you, and he or she is all worth it. 

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