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Rica Peralejo Breastfeeds in Public and While Having Her Teeth Cleaned!
PHOTO BY @ricaperalejo/Instagram
  • August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month and look who we spotted advocating it and in the most unlikeliest place? Mom of two Rica Peralejo Bonifacio, who shared on her social media recently why she chose to do direct breastfeeding.

    “I do only direct feeding. No bottles. Which is why this guy has to be glued to me for now, 24/7!” she shared on Instagram. “I seem to have given up some life,” she quipped. “My trade-off now is that I cannot go anywhere without Manu. And there are places where Manu cannot go. Which means Mama cannot go also,” Rica added.

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    Rica’s choice means bringing her almost 2-months-old baby (she gave birth to Manu on June 10) on an early morning errand, despite the rainy weather over the weekend, because “some things must be done.” Yesterday, August 5, 2019, the mom-of-two dropped by Casipit Dental Group to have her teeth cleaned. The dentist, Dr. Pritzi Arce, who’s also a mom, “adjusted her techniques” to accommodate Rica’s hungry baby.


    “She didn’t turn on [the] lights and did a lot of manual cleaning so baby can be spared of water and particles flying into the air,” Rica shared, as electric cleaning can be “noisy and messy.” The dentist also offered to set the dental chair on a higher angle so Manu can have a more comfortable nursing position.

    The dentist was willing to wait so Rica could take a break and breastfeed on the couch first if she wanted to, but Rica said doing so would mean a delay in their schedule, which may affect Manu’s night sleep and rest. “He will surely get overtired from staying too long and late outside of the house, so I chose to breastfeed while Dra. Pritzi was finishing my cleaning,” Rica explained.

    After her dentist appointment, the nursing mom still couldn’t get Manu off her breast. Instead of forcing her son to unlatch, Rica braved to walk the streets of Bonifacio Global City, in Taguig, as she continued to nurse her son. She did wear a nursing cover.

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    Rica nursed son Manu as she crossed the streets of Bonifacio Global City, in Taguig. #normalizebreastfeeding
    PHOTO BY screenshots from @ricaperalejo/Instagram Stories

    Rica also breastfed her firstborn son, Philip, now 5. “I did this all the time even with the firstborn. Feed habang nagpapa-makeup, nagpapa-nail spa, nagpapa-massage.” she shared. “As long as baby is content, we are good. If fussy, of course, we stop and move away and get into a more comfortable position if we have to!” the nursing mom said.

    “They are only little once,” she said of her kids. “When I am a lola na sporting salt and pepper hair color, I have all the time to do whatever I want to do for myself anyway,” the mom of two said.

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    When Rica needed to give Manu expressed milk as his tongue tie surgery healed, she used a dropper to feed her baby hand-expressed breast milk. Yes, the mom of two doesn’t use a pump either. She has built a stash of breast milk from hand-expressing whenever her breasts feel engorged. (Know how to hand express breast milk here.)


    Why does Rica prefer to direct latch and hand-express breast milk instead of using a pump? “Truthful answer? I am too lazy to keep that up. I tried it with Philip and went on for about four months and gave up because it’s too much work,” she admitted. “Hats off to exclusive pumpers. I do not know how you do it all,” Rica said.

    The mom of two also thanked all establishments and groups of people who do everything to help and accommodate all nursing moms. “The success of breastfeeding is not dependent on mom alone but includes the entire society around her, as they express support and compassion and sensitivity to our situation. It surely isn’t easy, so every person who tries to help truly counts!” Rica said.

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