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Rica Peralejo's 'No Kissing Baby on the Cheek' Rule Becomes a Lesson on Humility
PHOTO BY @ricaperalejo/Instagram
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  • Rica Peralejo is still adjusting to life with two kids. The former actress gave birth on June 9, 2019 to her second child, son Manu, and because he waited a long time to have a sibling (Rica suffered two successive miscarriages), firstborn Kuya Philip of course couldn’t keep his hands off his baby brother. 

    “Manu’s head always smells like our current ulam. Want to guess why?” Rica captioned a photo of Philip giving Manu a kiss on the head.

    And because Manu has gotten rashes on his face from Philip’s display of affection, she has had to impose a rule: “No kissing Manu on the face. Only head and feet. I especially mandated this to Philip as he cannot help himself,” she explained.

    No one can blame Rica for being so cautious. Many moms are doing the same these days when it comes to letting other people kiss or touch their newborns, mostly for safety reasons. Because the baby’s immune system is still underdeveloped, he may be prone to contracting germs and bacteria from others, which his body could not fight off. This could easily result to the little ones falling ill, and sometimes kissing a newborn baby could also be fatal.

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    What Rica didn't realize was that this instance would also become a lesson on obedience and humility, both for herself and her 5-year-old.

    She tells of one occasion when Philip caught her kissing Manu on the cheek, which prompted the little boy to ask innocently, “Only you can kiss Manu on the cheek?”

    Rica was embarrassed, to say the least. 

    “I made a rule which I didn’t follow — what an example!!!

    “And honestly, I could have let that slide but I realized that if I bent rules around to my liking or convenience, my sons would be soon confused about what is right from wrong and whether rules never applied to tyrant parents and only to little kids. That would look much like bullying, right?” the 38-year-old mom wrote.

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    She didn’t think twice and knew immediately what she had to do. 

    “I had to tell him, ‘Nope. I shouldn’t be doing this. Sorry, Mama was not following the rule and that is wrong.’”

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    Rica reinforced the importance of humility even — especially — when it comes to our kids. She wrote, it matters that children understand that their parents are not always right, and that they should humble themselves in times like these to become good role models to their kids.

    “I think that one of the most powerful things we can do for our children is to be humble to admit that we also get a lot of things wrong.

    “Instead of keeping up a front of knowing it all and being absolutely right and proper all the time, I think it’s more liberating to every one in the fam to say that sometimes we get it wrong, too...and that probably, our kids also get a lot of things right.”

    We couldn’t agree more! This is parenting done right. Kudos to you, Rica!

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