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  • Pinay Moms Showcase Their Love for Their Children by Getting Tattoos!

    Getting a tattoo that's an ode to motherhood doesn't have to be done as soon as you give birth.
    by Rachel Perez .
Pinay Moms Showcase Their Love for Their Children by Getting Tattoos!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Maine Jerusalem and Bless Vir Marie Tenorio via Smart Parenting Village Facebook Group
  • There is a growing trend of moms who are celebrating motherhood and honoring their love for their children by getting tattoos!

    Tattoo artist and mom of two Mia Claravall-Reyes tells SmartParenting.com.ph via email, "I think mothers choose tattoos because of the permanency, like the permanent bond, dedication and unconditional love we give to our children."

    Mia sports two tattoos related to motherhood, her daughter's face and a mother-and-child, one of the most common designs among moms. Mia had her mom-and-child tattoo dressed up like a Chola (people of Latin American descent). "I am a big fan of the pin-up and Chola culture and fashion that I used to dress up like them before. To me, it is my symbol of embracing motherhood without losing myself," the mom of two shares.

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    Other mom-favorite tattoos are names or birthdays of their kids (Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie had her kids' birthplace geographic coordinates tattooed). Many moms like it because it is personal, and it can be tiny and easy to conceal. "A lot of moms get tattoos not to show off, but as personal reminders or tribute just for themselves and their partners to see," Mia explains.


    There are moms, however, who are comfortable in rocking huge tattoos. "They usually get their tattoos on their forearms for their kids to see. Sometimes, they let the children color in or doodle in more designs," reveals Mia.

    Other popular tattoo designs among moms are birth flowers, which are easy to play around with and customize, and they can go anywhere in the body.

    Don't worry if you like tattoos that seem common or ordinary — Mia says you can always ask the tattoo artist to customize it for you. There are many ways to design a unique tattoo. "You can add color, elements or motifs that you like, so don't be shy to talk to your tattoo artist," she suggests.

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    We asked moms from our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group to share tattoos that they got in honor of their children, and they did not disappoint!

    motherhood tattoos
    "I had my son’s birth date inked on my nape. It was a very special day for me," shared Kim Terte, mom to Klent Djan Lesane, 6, and King Makaveli Charles, 8 months. She plans to ink her daughter's birth date as well next year (she's still breastfeeding).
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Kim Terte
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    motherhood tattoos
    Maine Jerusalem had her first tattoo bearing her first son's name, Sven Anjelo, 8. It comes with an image of a mother and child — she was a single parent to him for eight years. She now has a second son, Yosef Zoan, 2 months, so Maine plans to have a do-over. "I'm planning to put their names below the tat with bigger letters," she shared.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Maine Jerusalem
    motherhood tattoos
    "I like to keep it simple lang and gusto ko talaga nakayakap sa eldest ko and nakikita naman sa tattoo na parang naka-hug sila," says Tiffy Ilano-Gunoy, mom to Cailey Mae, 5, and Cody Matthew, 4 months. In two years, she plans to rock a mother and son tat on her other leg.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Tiffy Ilano-Gunoy
    motherhood tattoos
    Frances Marei had her son's handprint inked "para lagi niya kong hug," she said. The tat also included her 9-month-old son Bartolo's date and time of birth and his weight and length at that time.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Frances Marei
    motherhood tattoos
    "I had this tattoo after my first pregnancy," Bless Vir Marie Tenorio said. She lost the baby at five weeks, which explains the inverted heart. "But all is well now. We had our rainbow baby, Cedrille Regina Feliz, 7 months, last July 2018." 
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Bless Vir Marie Tenorio
    motherhood tattoos
    Jenz Castillo-Acedera, mom to Chustine Quiell, 7, had her son's my sons birth dates tattooed on her inner arm and immortalized his 6-year-old face on her right leg. 
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Jenz Castillo-Acedera
    motherhood tattoos
    "It's a reminder that I may have lost all the materials things I'm used to, but I gained a son," says Abby Punzalan of having the name of her son, Sebastian Lucas Gray, 4, inked. Now that she also has a daughter, Caitlin Alexandria Blue, 2, she plans to have her name tattooed as well.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Abby Punzalan
    motherhood tattoos
    Ruby Gozos Gonzales, mom to Brianna Ysabelle, 4, and Nicholas Kalei, 6 months, have two tattoos including her daughter's birthday. She's getting her son's birthday inked soon.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ruby Gozos Gonzales
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    If you or your fellow mom friends are considering to get inked in honor of your children, we asked Mia to answer some common concerns and provide tips should you decide to get a tattoo.

    Will getting a tattoo hurt? How much will it hurt?

    "There is the pain, of course, but no big deal compared to giving birth or labor," the mom of two quipped. "Anywhere near or over a bone is going to be more painful, as well as areas on the body where you get tickled since these areas are more sensitive," Mia added. In case you thought drinking alcohol could numb the pain before or during the tattoo session, it is not recommended since it thins the blood.


    What are the things that you should look for in a good tattoo studio or artist?

    Tattoo artists have their styles, so do your research. Look at the artist's portfolio or visit the studio to get a feel of his or her style. "You should be comfortable talking to your artist, and he or she should be able to answer your questions," Mia stressed.

    More importantly, when you visit the tattoo studio, check if the tattoo studio is clean and sanitary. "It's okay to ask if you can see the equipment and needles to be used." Mia added a waiver is usually provided before you get tattooed — it will ask you about diabetes, hypertension, and other health concerns to rule them out.

    Some studios, like Mia's studio, allow kids to watch their parents get tattooed. If you plan to bring your child, your little one should have someone else watching over her as you need to keep still while you get inked. Prep your child as well so he knows what to expect and not to disturb other people who are also getting their tats.

    Are there any tricks to make a tattoo look great longer?

    Mia suggests that to moisturize and hydrate before your session so your skin will receive the ink quickly. But as for the final outcome of your tattoo, your tattoo artist will give you aftercare tips that you need to follow as best as you can. "Aftercare plays a big part on the final outcome of your tattoo," Mia said.


    Is there a good or bad time to get a tattoo?

    Getting inked near or during your menstrual period is not a good idea since some women bruise more easily during this time. "It might make the tattoo prone to swelling after, and sometimes it is harder to sink the ink," Mia explained.

    Some fear they won't be able to donate blood anymore once they get tattooed. "In the Philippines, you can donate blood after a year of getting the tattoo done," Claravall-Reyes said.

    Getting a tattoo that's an ode to motherhood doesn't have to be done as soon as you give birth. You may want to wait until your baby has been weaned from the breast. Of course, you should only get a tattoo if you want to and when you're ready.

    Mia Claravall-Reyes's tattoo studio is Chronic Tattoo X Culture, and is located at #19 F.Concepcion St, San Jose, Pasig City. Follow her @mialocatattoo or her studio @chronictattooculture on Instagram. 

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