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  • 21 More Sablay Childbirth Moments By Dads!

    "I was 6 cm dilated when my husband asked me, 'In a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest, gaano na kasakit?'" Grrr.
    by Rachel Perez .
21 More Sablay Childbirth Moments By Dads!
PHOTO BY Screencapped from None Months (1995)
  • Childbirth is a wondrous, surreal experience. It can also be a minefield of facepalm moments, especially from the dads. Case in point: our story "LOL! 30 Sablay Childbirth Moments by Dads" last December. You all had quite a laugh trip, and many of you responded by sharing your own experiences on our Facebook comments. (If you have story to tell -- it doesn't have to be a birthing story! -- send us a message on our Facebook.)  

    So, thanks to all of you, there's a part two of our sablay birthing moments by dads (these were edited for clarity).

    Remember: Priorities, priorities, priorities.
    "When I was in labor with my youngest child, sobrang namimilipit na ako sa sakit kasi pumutok na water bag ko pero four centimeters (dilated) pa lang ako. Yung sakit na sakit ka na tapos makikita mo yung asawa mo sa kabilang bed naglalaro ng Candy Crush! Ang sarap sarap tadyakan! Me: ‘Bakit ka naglalaro ng Candy Crush? Kita mo na ang sakit-sakit, eh?’ Hubby: ‘Eh, hindi ko rin naman maaalis yung sakit na nararamdaman mo, eh.’ --MeAnn Cubejano Leyso

    "My water broke unexpectedly while my husband and I were having breakfast. My mom told me, ‘Naku panubigan na 'yan. Tara na takbo na tayo sa hospital.’ I told my husband, ‘Absent ka na, Papa ha, gusto ko kasama kita.’ He answered, ‘Naku, 'di ako pwede mag-absent eh.’ I was okay with just being with my mom, so we called for a cab. Then, my husband said, "Sabay ako. Drop ninyo ako sa kanto.’ Sarap batukan. But that's not all. When the taxi was moving, after a few blocks, he said to the driver, ‘Manong, balik po tayo.’ Sabi ko, ‘Bakit? Matutuyuan na ako!’ He said, ‘Nakalimutan ko panyo ko.’ Toink! --Irma Dolor Amodia


    “I was already having contractions early in the morning. After breakfast, it was becoming stronger so I decided it was time. I took a shower and was all prepared to go to the hospital. When my husband saw me, he asked, 'Saan ka pupunta?' I answered, 'Manganganak na ako.' Then, he said, 'Okay, pa-drive ka na sa driver. Sunod na lang ako. Anong oras ka kaya manganganak?' And he went back to play basketball with my cousins." --Baba Quinto-Asuncion

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    “I asked my husband, ‘Ang sakit-sakit na. Saan ka ba galing at paalis-alis ka?’ My husband replied, ‘Pumunta lang ako sa mga kumpare ko na ninong niyan. Pinamalita ko manganganak ka na! Okay daw!" --Romeline B. Espanilla

    "On the day my water broke, I ate a bunch of Stick-O hours before dinner. Dahil dinner time na, my husband didn't want to get up to bring me to the hospital until he finished eating. 'Di ata nagsi-sink-in na manganganak na ako. Haha." --Jo A Nna

    "During the almost 10 hours of labor for my first baby, I said, ‘Sobrang sakit na 'di ko na kaya!’ The husband answered, ‘Mahal, ano kayang magandang name nyan? Magbigay ka bilis.’ Kainis lang, di ba?!" --Nikki Crystel Aldueza-Elic

    "I was awakened by a real contraction at 2 a.m. I said, 'Hubby, wake up! Let's run to the hospital!' He answered, 'Naku, bukas pa yan. Tulog muna tayo.' At 3 a.m., we arrived at the hospital, and I was already 6 centimeters dilated." --Tetchie Joy Luis Antioquia

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    Presence of mind, please.

    "I know madaling mataranta si hubby. So when my water broke, I told him to take a shower after dinner. When he was done, I said, 'Tara alis na tayo. Punta tayo hospital.' He asked why, and I said I was going to giving birth. When we arrived sa ER, biglang bumaba sa taxi si hubby at tumakbo! Naiwan ako sa loob ng taxi. Habang umiiyak ako, sabi ng taxi driver, 'Misis, 'wag na po kayong umiyak. Baka manganak ka sa loob ng taxi!' After a while, may dumaang nurse at tinawag ng taxi driver. They wheeled me in -- my hubby was nowhere to be found. Later, we found out na umakyat pala ng third floor at naghanap ng room sa nurse's station -- yung parang nag-check-in sa hotel. Hahaha." --Leigh Austria Aujero

    "My water broke at 2 a.m. My hubby was driving so fast on the way to the hospital, but I did not notice because I was in so much pain. My seat was reclined so I couldn't really see the road. After a while, I noticed that there were buildings, but none was of the hospital. I sat up and noticed we were near his office! I said, ‘Dad, this is not the hospital!’ Talk about scatter brain!” --Daisy Casio-Mohamed

    “Nung nanganak ako, sa sobrang nerbyos ng asawa ko, pangalan niya at personal information nya ang sinulat sa patient's data. Haha.” --Anna Liza Pamiloza Rubio-Minor

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    “Sa layo ng hospital kung saan ako nanganak, muntik na akong manganak sa gitna ng traffic. Yung asawa ko, lumabas ng sasakyan, sabay sigaw ng sigaw ng, ‘Manganganak na asawa ko!’ Haha. Sa tawa ko, nasampal ko tuloy siya.” --Carol Cruz Alanis 


    “When I gave birth to our eldest, my husband was the one who told me na baka manganganak na daw ako. He called his tito while I took a bath. When I was done, my husband was nowhere to be found. His tito arrived, so I got in the car already. Tito: ‘Saan 'yun nagpunta?’ I replied I didn't know habang namimilipit sa sakit. Tito: ‘My ambulance, baka sya ang sakay! Sakto lipat ka na lang doon.’ The ambulance arrived, and my husband got off the ambulance and hurried to me. Akala ko pababain at ako ang ilipat sa ambulance. Sumakay ba naman sa kotse tapos sabi, ‘Bilisan mo, Tito.’ Hahaha.” -- Janina Labra Baz 

    Remember what we said about the pain?

    “Sumasakit na nga ang tiyan kasi nga you're in labor tapos tatanungin ka pa ni Daddy kung masakit ba talaga. Tapos ‘pag nagagalit ka sa tanong nila, sasabihing ‘Bakit ka nagagalit, tinatanong lang naman kita.’ Grrr.” --Willyn Gee Dango

    “I cried when was in labor with my bunso dahil hindi pumutok panubigan ko at sobrang sakit ng tiyan ko. My hubby fetched me immediately after I called and told him na manganganak na ako. Pagdating, nakita niya akong umiiyak. Habang inaalalayan ako pasakay ng kotse, nagtanong ba naman, ‘Bakit ka umiiyak?’” – Sheryle Andam Bacor 

    “First time nanay: ‘Hon, nagla-labor na yata ako. Um-absent ka na.’ Hubby: ’Di ako pwede um-absent, Nag-iinarte ka lang.’” –Shey Biboso Vitug

    “I was 6 cm dilated when my husband asked me, ‘In a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest, gaano na kasakit?’ Grrr.” – Jennifer Joshua Gaspar-Carias


    And patience?

    “Hubby was waiting for me to give birth to our second child outside the delivery room. After many hours of labor, I called my husband, ‘Dad, nanganak na ako. Tignan mo si baby ilalabas ni nurse.’ He answered, ‘Hay, lumabas muna ko, ang tagal mo kasi, eh!’” --Leslie Abuel

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    Honesty is appreciated, but...

    I was supposed to be induced because my baby was big. I was already in the labor room while hubby waited in our room. I called him and asked him to be with me. He just said "Babe, intayin na lang kita dito. Baka mauna pa akong lagyan ng oxygen kaysa sa 'yo 'pag hinimatay ako. Alam mo naman takot ako sa dugo." --Sheila Victoria Daño

    “I asked my husband to take a video of the moment we welcomed our youngest child. He agreed, thinking it would be fun. But when it was time for him to enter the room as I was being prepared for a C-section...Doc: ‘Daddy, ready na po kayo to film your wife.’ Daddy: ‘Ay, ready na din po ba siya?’ Doc: ‘Pasok na po kayo, Daddy.’ Daddy: ‘Ay 'wag na po. Makikita ko rin po yang baby namin paglabas. Paki-picturan na lang po kaya.’ I think he wasn't prepared to see the insides of my tummy.” --Joan Salvedia

    Lastly, don't be an arse.

    "My baby's dad broke up with me while I was five months preggy. While I was already in the labor room, he apparently was on a date. I had to make a deposit for my confinement plus get a bag of blood ready for transfusion in case I needed it (per my doctor's advice). Minutes before I was wheeled into the delivery room, he comes in and asks, 'Kasama ba yung deposit mo sa hatian natin sa bayad sa hospital?' That incident was one of many wake up calls, to be honest. --Barbara Anne May

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